Company Parmida
Company Parmida

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  1. Stablishing  the company in 1984
  2. Commissioning of the first production line for rubber strips with UHF curing technology in 1992
  3. Commissioning of the first rubber mixing line in 1992
  4. Achieving the certificate of ISO 9002 from QMI in 1999
  5. Achieving the certificate of QS 9000 from QMI in 2008
  6. Commissioning of the second production line for rubber strips with UHF cooking technology in 2003
  7. Commissioning of the third production line for rubber strips with LCM  technology in 2006
  8. Achieving the certificate of ISO/TS 16949 from DQS in 2007
  9. Achieving A grade from SAPCO  in 2007
  10. Making a technical agreement for design and manufacturing rubber weather strips with a well-known European company in 2010
  11. Commissioning of the production line for Thermo-Plastic Elastomers (TPE) in 2011
  12. Commissioning of the second rubber mixing line in 2012
  13. Implementing the development plan and starting the flocking production and rubber mixing in 3013


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