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PARMIDA Rubber industries Co. was established in 1984 in an area larger than 9000 square meters, to produce various types of multi components EPDM rubber strips.

The company is the first manufacturer of two-component and three- component rubber strips for different industries specifically for the automotive industry.

In parallel to the fast growth of automotive industry and in order to fulfill the market demand for latest standards, the company tried to keep itself updated by purchasing the most sophisticated machineries from developed European countries.

In 2010 PARMIDA rubber industries co. manufactured the new generation of weather strips based on Thermo-Plastic Elastomers (TPE) using local know how. Also In order to increase the production capacity and present a complete portfolio in sealing systems the company performed its development plan by using modern machineries and started producing flocked type profiles in an area of 38900 square meters.

Using 7 extrusion lines for rubber and TPE, 3 rubber compound preparation line and 1 production line for molding parts within various halls (equal to 26000 square meters) the total production of the company exceeds 6000 MT of rubber strips and molding parts which provides a considerable market share for the company.

For the time being, the company produces sealing systems for all local made automobiles with various brands same as KIA, IK, Peugeot, Mazda, Renault and different heavy trucks.

Within recent years supplying the demand of different industries like as home appliances, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Railway and construction industry has been a main policy for PARMIDA rubber industries.

PARMIDA rubber industries Co. was one of the first companies which has been nominated as Grade "A" by Iranian auto-manufacturers. The company also is certificate of IATF-16949:2016 for its quality system.

The companys main strategy is developing high quality products using trained personnel, modern machineries and up-to-date laboratory equipment of raw material and final product.

Our vision is to penetrate international market and exporting products to auto manufacturers all around the World.


History in brief:

  • 1-      Stablishing  the company in 1984
  • 2-      Commissioning of the first production line for rubber strips with UHF curing technology in 1992
  • 3-      Commissioning of the first rubber mixing line in 1992
  • 4-      Achieving the certificate of ISO 9002 from QMI in 1999
  • 5-      Achieving the certificate of QS 9000 from QMI in 2008
  • 6-      Commissioning of the second production line for rubber strips with UHF cooking technology in 2003
  • 7-      Commissioning of the third production line for rubber strips with LCM  technology in 2006
  • 8-      Achieving the certificate of ISO/TS 16949 from DQS in 2007
  • 9-      Achieving A grade from SAPCO  in 2007
  • 10-   Making a technical agreement for design and manufacturing rubber weather strips with a well-known European company in 2010
  • 11-   Commissioning of the production line for Thermo-Plastic Elastomers (TPE) in 2011
  • 12-   Commissioning of the second rubber mixing line in 2012
  • 13-   Implementing the development plan and starting the flocking production and rubber mixing in 2013

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